Sunday School

Every Sunday from September through May, preschoolers through high school seniors meet for Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Curriculum is chosen according to grade level by Christian Education in order to engage children where they are at and promote spiritual growth through scripture, games, fellowship and more. The main goal of Sunday School is to nurture the spiritual growth of children.  Adult volunteers who teach the classes also grow in their relationship with Christ by experiencing things with the children they are serving. In addition to meeting weekly, the elementary schoolchildren perform a Christmas program in December for the congregation. Each year, Sunday School attendees are also focused on achieving an offering goal that is donated to a specific organization at the end of the school year. 



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This Week

Feb 15 Thursday

6:30 pm - Worship Band Practice
6:30 pm - Adult Sunday School Class

Feb 17 Saturday

8:00 am - MMIF (Men Moving in Faith)

Feb 18 Sunday

7:30 am - Prays Time
8:15 am - Traditional Worship Service
9:30 am - Contemporary Worship Service
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:40 am - Contemporary Worship Service
12:00 pm - New Hope Community Church
6:30 pm - Culey Small Group
6:30 pm - Youth Small Group

Feb 19 Monday

6:30 am - Small Group Study
9:30 am - Staff Meeting
10:00 am - Women's Book Study
6:00 pm - Pastoral Care Team Meeting
6:30 pm - Webelo Scout meeting
7:00 pm - Scouts

Feb 20 Tuesday

6:30 am - Small Group Study at Sunnycrest
6:30 am - Men's Small Group at Caribou Coffee
11:30 am - Brown Bag Stitchers
7:00 pm - Women's Small Group Study at Scooters

Feb 21 Wednesday

9:30 am - Women's Bible Study at Marsha Englert's
5:30 pm - Lent Meal
6:00 pm - Middle School Youth Group
6:30 pm - MOMents
6:30 pm - Lent Worship Service
7:30 pm - High School Youth Group

Feb 22 Thursday

1:00 pm - Book Club