Leadership Team

Sunnycrest Leadership Team


Strategic Planning/ Visioning Team


Strategic Planning:  The Leadership Team is in the front lines of strategic planning for the growth of Sunnycrest Church.

Vision and Direction:  The Leadership Team will constantly be prayerfully discerning the vision and the direction of Sunnycrest to continuing to build God’s Kingdom.

Growth through Discipleship:  The Leadership Team will be making sure that Sunnycrest is providing beginner, intermediate and advanced discipleship programming.

Administration Oversight:  The Leadership Team will function as the administrative committee for Sunnycrest.

Communication:  The Leadership Team will work to refine communication with the church for complete transparency of Sunnycrest to its members.


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Joe Kepley

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Karen Ruckelshausen


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Travis Jensen

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John Srstka

Finance Team


Shall establish written financial policies to document the internal controls of the church.

Establish the annual budget in conjunction with the Leadership Team, Trustee Team, and Staff Parish Team.

Shall make sure money is being dispersed pursuant to the annual budget.

Monitor budget and budget spending through-out the fiscal year.

Make provisions for an annual audit of the financial statements of the local church, all of its organizations, and accounts.

For all of the responsibilities of the Finance Team, see the Book of Discipline ¶258.4


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Eddy Ekobena

Trustee Team


Shall have the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the local church and of all property and equipment acquired by the local church.

To review annually, the existence and adequacy of the church’s insurance coverage.

To review and grant permission for outside groups to use the church’s facilities.

To do an annual walk-thru/review of the parsonage owned by the local church.

To do an annual walk-thru/review of the buildings included on church properties.

Shall administer all bequests made to the local church.

Shall receive and administer all trusts and shall invest all trust funds of the church.

Conduct annual audit of buildings, grounds, and facilities to discover and identify what physical, architectural, and communication barriers exist that impede full participation of people with disabilities.

For full list of Trustee Team duties, see the Book of Discipline ¶2533.


Staff Parish Team


To encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor(s), staff, and their families.

To promote unity in the church.

To work with the staff in the effectiveness of the ministry in pursuit of our mission.

To help the staff in counseling people to use their gifts to further the mission of the church.

To develop and approve written job descriptions for the staff.

To recommend further staff position(s) during times of growth.

To consult with the pastor and staff on continuing educational opportunities.

Keep themselves informed of church policy and personnel matters.

To encourage, monitor, and support the staff and pastor in matters of health and wholeness.

To see a full listing of the Staff Parish Team’s responsibilities within the church, see the Book of Discipline ¶285.2


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Kristy Tripp

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Rebecca Brown