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Renovate Series



Sunday, April 5th 

Communion & Confirmation (10:40 am Service)

Message -  Renovate: The Palms Have It 

Scripture - Matthew 21: 1-9 


Wednesday, April 8th 


Message -  Renovate: Passover Begins

Scripture - Exodus 12: 1 -11


Thursday, April 9th 

Maundy Thursday 

Message -  Renovate: Maundy Thursday 

Scripture - Matthew 26: 17 - 30 


Friday, April 10th 

Good Friday 

Message -  Renovate: Darkness is here? 

Scripture - Mark 15: 21 - 41 


Sunday, April 12th 

Easter Sunday 

Message -  Renovate: We Have Victory for All 

Scripture - Matthew 28 


Sunday, April 19th 

Message -  Renovate: Festival of God’s Creation 

Scripture - Genesis 1 - 2: 3 


Sunday, April 26th 

Renovation Sunday 

Message -  Renovate: Renovation Sunday 

The Wesleyan Way

Do We Have to Obey the Law?

Sunday July 28th, 2019
The Wesleyan Way

Am I A Real Christian

Sunday July 21st, 2019
The Wesleyan Way

Salvation By Faith

Sunday July 14th, 2019

The Wesleyan Way

What is the Bible's Message?

Sunday July 7th, 2019
The Wesleyan Way

Who are John and Charles Wesley

Sunday June 30th, 2019

Eyes of Faith

Sunday June 23rd, 2019

A Father's Love

Sunday June 16th, 2019


Sunday June 9th, 2019
Fundamentals of Discipleship

Live The Gospels

Sunday June 2nd, 2019

Fundamentals of Discipleship


Sunday May 26th, 2019
Fundamentals of Discipleship


Sunday May 19th, 2019
Fundamentals of Discipleship


Sunday May 12th, 2019

Fundamentals of Discipleship


Sunday May 5th, 2019
Fundamentals of Discipleship

Now That We Know The Rebel Jesus, What Does It Mean?

Sunday April 28th, 2019
Renegade Gospel


Sunday April 21st, 2019

Renegade Gospel

Seeing Jesus Today

Sunday April 14th, 2019
Renegade Gospel

A Whole Life Commitment

Sunday April 7th, 2019
Renegade Gospel

The Most Important Question You Will Ever Have To Answer

Sunday March 31st, 2019