Praise and Worship

Everyone worships differently—some through scripture, some through the pastor’s words and some through music–the Sunnycrest praise and worship teams’ goal is to help the entire congregation connect both with God and with each other through worship music. Our volunteer choir provides special music during our traditional worship service every Sunday. Our contemporary services are filled with drums, guitars, bass, keyboard and vocals to lead the music worship every Sunday. Our two praise bands, Wake Up Call and Joyful Noise, alternate every other Sunday.

Are you musically inclined? If yes, we’d love to have you! The choir and the praise bands are always looking for talented individuals to help lead our music worship experiences. 

For more information about our group or to contact us directly, please click here.

This Week

Feb 15 Thursday

6:30 pm - Worship Band Practice
6:30 pm - Adult Sunday School Class

Feb 17 Saturday

8:00 am - MMIF (Men Moving in Faith)

Feb 18 Sunday

7:30 am - Prays Time
8:15 am - Traditional Worship Service
9:30 am - Contemporary Worship Service
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:40 am - Contemporary Worship Service
12:00 pm - New Hope Community Church
6:30 pm - Culey Small Group
6:30 pm - Youth Small Group

Feb 19 Monday

6:30 am - Small Group Study
9:30 am - Staff Meeting
10:00 am - Women's Book Study
6:00 pm - Pastoral Care Team Meeting
6:30 pm - Webelo Scout meeting
7:00 pm - Scouts

Feb 20 Tuesday

6:30 am - Small Group Study at Sunnycrest
6:30 am - Men's Small Group at Caribou Coffee
11:30 am - Brown Bag Stitchers
7:00 pm - Women's Small Group Study at Scooters

Feb 21 Wednesday

9:30 am - Women's Bible Study at Marsha Englert's
5:30 pm - Lent Meal
6:00 pm - Middle School Youth Group
6:30 pm - MOMents
6:30 pm - Lent Worship Service
7:30 pm - High School Youth Group

Feb 22 Thursday

1:00 pm - Book Club