Pathway - Small Group Bible Studies

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Pathway Level 1


Psalms: The Character of God
Starts Thursday, May 19th

Study Leader: Dulci Stewart
Time: Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm

Psalms is a compilation of songs that focus on humanity's interaction with God. Within these interactions, we discover God's character as the song writer speaks of God as a Shepherd, King, Redeemer, Creator, Just, Holy, and more. These songs give us deeper insight into God and how we are to relate to Him as His creation. We find that He loves us and offers the opportunity to be His people and that doing so comes with the expectation of living in light of that relationship.

The focus of this study is on the character of God as revealed in selected Psalms. As people get a glimpse of God's character, they begin to understand their need for forgiveness and what it means to live as God's people. Believers will be challenged to live as God's people, demonstrating His character in a fallen world. 

Pathway Level 2


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Pathway Level 3


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