Sunnycrest Missions


Hayward Community

We serve the school and community all year through various ministries.  The Hayward Canteen provides supper every Monday night in the Hayward School parking lot.  A mentor program, organized by Lutheran Social Services, pairs an adult mentor with a student, who meet once a week during the student’s lunch time.  This relationship provides a stable, positive role model for a high-risk student.


Tree of Life

 Takes place in Mission, SD, and offers Sunnycrest members a place to stay, while we engage in hands-on ministries each summer.  We are invited to participate in activities to gain a better understanding of Native American culture.  Our financial goal is to donate $5,000 each year to assist in completing projects on the Rosebud Reservation. 

Samaritan’s Feet

 “Inspire hope through the act of washing feet and through the gift of shoes” is the mission of Samaritan’s Feet that Sunnycrest has embraced over the past several years.  We volunteer our time, talents and donation goal of $5000 each summer.

Community Outreach

Sunnycrest is dedicated to empower families through our partnership.  September-December we raise $10,000 to support services in crisis care and long term programs that teach individuals and families how to be financially responsible through counseling and mentoring services.  We are invited to volunteer as mentors or adopt and serve families in need during “Sharing Christmas”.  Please visit: thecommunityoutreach.org

Nightwatch Canteen

 Sunnycrest works with other church organizations on a rotating schedule to serve supper on Sunday nights downtown to over 250 men, women and children.  Without our united throughout the year.  We provide transportation from the Village to church for the 10:40 am worship service each Sunday.

Guatemala Village Transformation-Los Vasquez

Village Transformation provides an opportunity for a hands-on, long-term mission project with direct on-the-ground personal involvement.  Imagine building schools, distributing food, providing clean water, or leading a church service.  Being involved from the ground up gives you the ability to develop strong personal relationships with the people in the village.